James Reyne

All The Hits Live 2CD

James Reyne All The Hits Live 2CD

All The Hits Live 2CD

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For more than three decades, James Reyne's songs have been the sound of the Australian summer. Recorded in September 2015, for James Reyne fans this is the ultimate gig. His entire career through Australian Crawl and solo is encapsulated here across 2CD's – 'All The Hits Live!' From Australian Crawl's debut single 'Beautiful People', to his first solo single 'Fall Of Rome' and songs that are part of our culture, such as 'The Boys Light Up', 'Reckless', 'Downhearted', 'Errol' and 'Hammerhead' – this album is loaded with 21 Hits. Daughters of the Northern Coast Beautiful People Indisposed Lakeside Way Out West Motor's Too Fast Slave Downhearted Reckless Hammerhead Sweet Love Hoochie Gucci Fiorucci Mama CD Always The Way La Califusa One More River Unpublished Critics Errol Oh No Not You Again Fall Of Rome Things Don't Seem The Boys Light Up
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