Jonny Velon

Goodness Flows' Vinyl Record

Jonny Velon 'Goodness Flows' Vinyl Record

Goodness Flows' Vinyl Record

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Debut LP from punk rock classical pianist raised on Rachmaninov and Lou Reed.

‘Feeling a little concerned,
I went to see a good good friend,
It was by her curtain
that I started to go round that bend’ Bristolian singer-songwriter Jonny Velon recounts on lead track ‘The White Rabbit’ as an insistent piano riff reminiscent of Ben Folds Five pulls us along and Jonny steps through the looking glass.

Our journey begins..

Over the next eight tracks (eleven on the cd) he ventures across a lush earworm-infested terrain trying to make sense of his life and his surroundings in the midst of mental breakdown.

It’s a fascinating ride with any number of different drivers at the controls including ‘Arc of a Diver’- era Steve Winwood, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie (be-suited crooner version) and a largely forgotten 70s songwriter, Murray Head whose 1975 album ‘Say It Ain’t So’ this record could easily be twinned with. In fact we pass through so many countries that you wonder if Michael Palin might be driving.

There’s funky tropical horns all over the place, especially on ‘I Am Always Me’; the transcendental Indian influences of ‘The White City’; a heat haze shimmering intro to ‘Travelling’ that could have fallen straight off the cult film ‘Baraka’ and back in Blighty piano traffic jams rocking ‘The Cambridge Squeeze’.

At every turn there’s another turn as Jonny and an array of talented musicians twist in and out of musical styles, all woven seamlessly into his own autobiographical prog diary.

Imagine a store where both Field Music and Steve Reich might like to shop and there’s a good chance you’ll find Mr Velon trying on a few syncopated rhythms in the changing room. If music is a personal statement, here is his and ten years on from that day in his friend’s room at Cambridge University where life took an unexpected turn he’s now rounded the corner back onto the straight and is clearing all the life fences with ease. Go Jonny go !

"At times reminiscent of Roxy Music, and at others David Bowie and Steve Winwood.. a varied, inventive, album rammed with emotional triggers and a genuine depth" Whisperin & Hollerin

Side A:
1. The White Rabbit
2. I Am Always Me
3. The White City
4. Overwhelming Stillness

Side B:
1. Goodness Flows
2. The Cambridge Squeeze
3. Travelling
4. High As A Kite

1. The White Rabbit
2. The Cambridge Squeeze
3. I Am Always Me
4. The White City
5. Overwhelming Stillness
6. Goodness Flows
7. Heart & Mind
8. Travelling
9. A Green Lesson
10. High As A Kite
11. Eternal

Vinyl includes free download code with 3 additional tracks
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