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Juan Gambino THUG-FELLA CD
Juan Gambino THUG-FELLA CD


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Track List
  1. Blunt Up
  2. In Da Streets All Day (Feat. Lil Yogi)
  3. Fo Ma Playerz (Feat. Jayel & Romero)
  4. My Luv
  5. Highered Up (Represent Nuevo Mexico) (Feat. Big Smoke Dawg & Eme3)
  6. From a Distance (Feat. David Wade & Doll-E-Girl)
  7. Hurt Me
  8. U Deserve Better (Feat. Big Dreamer & Mateo)
  9. I Drink, I Smoke (Feat. Big Smoke Dawg)
  10. She Takes Me High (Feat. Mateo)
  11. Wavin the Pump (Feat. Da Blok Boyz)
  12. Hoe-Professional (Feat. Big Smoke Dawg & Onc)
  13. All Over Again
  14. Would You Be Mine (Feat. Mateo & Rowin)
  15. Where Ma Thugz At? (Feat. Madd-Dogg)
  16. Para Mi Jente (Feat. Flyboy)
  17. How Could U?
  18. Letter 2 My Son
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