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Julian Cope

Dope (Julian Cope) 'Maxi 12' Vinyl Record

Dope (Julian Cope)  'Maxi 12' Vinyl Record

Dope (Julian Cope) 'Maxi 12' Vinyl Record

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Vinyl 12"

Product Description

Does your subconscious yearn for symphonic no wave? Is lumpen prole skank calling to you in the dead of night?. Do you hate Donald Trump but still wanna lynch Hillary for destabilizing N. Africa? Can you exercise to Gnod? Then Dope might well be the band you never even knew you needed.

And this 35 minute long introductory LP is just the way in you might feel obliged to purchase.Two years ago Julian Cope formed Dope to cover all these bases. So he selected from his myriad gang of reprobates four other musicians who know nothing of the 21st century – four intuitive non career movers whose endgame is merely tp play their music, salute the skies, then quit This Mortal Coil.

Dope is the ultimate cave holler, the festival band from hell that plays OUTSIDE the gates of Worthy farm.Five hairy bastards who prefer bongos to congas, who accept classic analogue synthesizers but prefer peculiarly-shaped boxes that emit randomly until kicked into submission. Even Dope’s incredibly talented lead guitarist spends most of his time crouched over a hot FX unit.

So if you are too much of a reggae snob to enjoy Moebius & Plank’s RASTAKRAUTPASTA, please forget Dope. But if the squeaks and blurts of the Nigger Kojak LP is never off your turntable, then Dope is for you. And if you adore Amon Duul 2 but still prefer the massed tribal abandon of Amon Duul 1, then again Dope is for you. Dope is not anarchism, its anarchy.
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