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    How Long Does It Take / 12" (Vinyl)

    Mildlife How Long Does It Take / 12" (Vinyl)

    How Long Does It Take / 12" (Vinyl)

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    $20.00 standard shipping (estimated)
    Ships from Australia

    Product Description

    Mildlife 'How Long Does It Take' / 12" Vinyl EP

    Limited Edition 12" Vinyl of How Long Does It Take.
    Limited to 500 copies
    Pressed independently in Melbourne Australia 


    Mildlife return with a brand new 12" Single entitled How Long Does It Take? The track will come as a welcome surprise to die-hard fans, as it has been used as the high energy closer for the band’s live shows over the past year. 

    How Long? is a pulsing dark-matter-powered locomotive plowing through the upper atmosphere. In it’s early moments, Rhodes and flute paint an optimistic horizon of glistening stars that transforms into pulsating bass, drum & vocal groove as tight as the vacuum of space. As the train pushes beyond the atmosphere, its structure & sonic makeup transforms and adapts ensuring momentum is never lost. In it’s closing moments you wave goodbye as it ventures far beyond the horizon wondering if one day it will return to near earth orbit. 

    The B-side of the 12" comes with not one, but two remixes direct from the originator of Cosmic Disco Daniele Baldelli and his partner in crime Marco Dionigi. The band met Baldelli on tour in Sicily where they had been invited by Giles Peterson to play at his Ricci Weekender on the outskirts of Catania. They bonded over a mutual sound and Baldelli jumped at the opportunity to remix the song. The first remix twists a song already primed for the dance floor and pushes into the territory of a late night burner, Whereas the...  more


    released April 12, 2019 

    Mildlife are James Donald, Adam Halliwell, Kevin McDowell, Tomas Shanahan. 

    Recorded on December 28, 2018 at Head Gap studio in Preston, Victoria, Australia. 
    James Donald - Drums 
    Adam Halliwell - Guitar/Flute 
    Kevin McDowel - Rhodes/Synthesisers 
    Tomas Shanahan - Bass 
    Craig Shanahan - Congas & Shaker 
    Engineer - Rohan Sforcina 
    Mixing - Steven Schram 
    Mastering - Joseph Carra 
    Artwork - Confetti Studio 

    Written by Dale Bordin, James Donald, Adam Halliwell, Kevin McDowell & Tomas Shanahan. 

    Additional Production on Tracks 2 & 3 by Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi
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