Zwango Zop (Artwork Edit) / 12" Vinyl

Mildlife Zwango Zop (Artwork Edit) / 12" Vinyl
Mildlife Zwango Zop (Artwork Edit) / 12" Vinyl

Zwango Zop (Artwork Edit) / 12" Vinyl

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Zwango Zop (Artwork Edit) / 12" Vinyl

One Sided 12"
mastered for vinyl by Finyl Tweek, pressed by Eurodisc, Label by Confetti Studio
All fees were waived out of the kindness of their heart.


1. Zwango Zop (Artwork Edit) 10:46

We had always heard rumours of an enigmatic edit of our song Zwango Zop. It had shown up on Instagram stories from DJ Harvey and friends and fans from all over were asking us about it.

The mystery revealed itself when the legend Artwork DM'd us to show us his creation, and to see if we wanted to put it out to help raise funds for people and animals impacted by the recent tragic bushfires across Australia.
In a matter of weeks a whole bunch of wonderful people from around the world agreed to waive their costs and fee's to create and release this very special one sided 12" of this dance floor monster.

Huge thanks to Artwork, Prime Distribution, Shine Music PR, Finyl Tweek, Eurodisc, Juno, Phonica, Piccadilly Records, Cold Cuts-Hot Wax, Decks, HHV and Technique


released March 20, 2020

Song written and produced by Mildlife
Additional Production by Artwork.
Label artwork by Confetti Studio


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