Muja Messiah

M-16'S CD

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Muja Messiah M-16'S CD
Muja Messiah M-16'S CD

M-16'S CD

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Track List
  1. MGM16's
  2. Gary Coleman
  3. Crude Awakening
  4. Leech Lake
  5. Minneapmurderrap/Joe Mauer (Feat. Real Spit Ric)
  6. Pussy Galore
  7. Bobby'z Angelz (Feat. Mash Out)
  8. Werewolf in London
  9. All Hail the Computer
  10. Live 2 Die Another Day (Feat. M. Anifest)
  11. Smiley Face Killer
  12. Dear God (Feat. P.O.S.)
  13. Sara Jane Olson
  14. Sore Losers
  15. Angelz in Tha Snow
  16. Happy Holidays (Feat. Shionaes & Real Spit Ric)
  17. Dodi Phy State of Mind (Feat. Dodi Phy)
  18. Reminder
  19. Cruel and Unusual Punishment (Feat. Maria Isa)
  20. Knock It Off
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