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On The Fear, Nathan Xander takes a bold and reaching step to transform himself from a barband/solo folk singer into a main stage commodity. The rich textures of his voice power through the chords, be it acoustic or electric, and conjure memories of smoke and sawdust. As it's core, The Fear is roots rock and a big chunk of Americana. This album is honest and filled with heart, fear, and ultimately faith. Nathan was born Union City, Pennsylvania and currently lives in Chicago. After playing in a variety of differing bands, Nathan eventually fell for the many charms and complete honesty of American folk and classic country music. An active writer, Nathan pushes himself to the point of obsession but that obsession pays off, in the form of nearly 50 new songs a year. Nathan, who also plays the harmonica and piano, picked up playing the guitar at 19, and started writing his own songs at 21. With Xander as the writer/vocal/guitar, the full band is comprised of Ezra Reynolds - keys, Keith Rowland (above/below sea level) - bass/vocals and Ryan Juravic (Healthy White Baby) - drums. With the new arrangements increasingly informed by each member, the result is a substantial and dynamic realization of Xander's original compositions.

Track List
  1. October
  2. Emerald Cities
  3. Colors
  4. John Wayne
  5. True Love Never Did Run Smooth
  6. Dark Horses
  7. The Alchemist
  8. Trial By Fire
  9. Martyr's Song
  10. A Long One
  11. Every Rainy Day
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