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    Nico Muhly


    $29.99 $26.99
    For a limited time only
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    Nico Muhly TWO BOYS CD
    Nico Muhly TWO BOYS CD


    $29.99 $26.99
    For a limited time only
    merchbar gold supplier
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    Product Description

    Track List
    1. Prologue & Scene 1 (Alley/Police Station): Help! Help! My friend has been stabbed!
    2. Scene 2 (Hospital): You Understand Your Son Had No Pulse
    3. Scene 3 (Police Station): Brian? I'm detective Sargeant Strawson
    4. Scene 4 (Brian's Bedroom): Chorus: U there? / Who is this?
    5. Scene 5 (Police Station): I'm not! / Brian. There are witnesses
    6. Scene 6 (Brian's Bedroom): Brian?... Church in ten minutes... Chorus: How are u?
    7. Scene 7 (Church): Amen... O Lord, open thou our lips
    8. Scene 8 (Brian's House): Has Brian been in trouble before?
    9. Scene 9 (Police Station): Copy of the security tape from the shopping centre
    10. Scene 10 (Anne's Flat): You should see this boy they've stuck me with
    11. Scene 11 (Police Station): No one else goes in or out... You stabbed him
    12. Scene 12 (Brian's Bedroom): Brian... You Don't Know Me... Chorus: Can't Stop Talking
    13. Scene 13 (Hallway): "That's for D*N Sure"
    14. Scene 14 (Interview Room/Brian's Room): You Searched for Rebecca
    15. Scene 15 (Hospital): Mrs. Wilson? / I know he hears us
    16. Scene 16 (Police Station): The transcripts from the server
    17. Scene 1 (Police Station): Even senseless crimes make sense
    18. Scene 2 (Police Station): Told you. You think I'm smart enough... Chorus: [Grocery items]
    19. Scene 3 (Brian's Bedroom): It had to be done... I'm sure you understand
    20. Scene 3 (Brian's Bedroom): I have to see you! / Ur in danger
    21. Scene 3 (Brian's Bedroom): Trick or treat!
    22. Scene 3 (Brian's Bedroom): Hey... I knew you wouldn't believe
    23. Scene 3 (Brian's Bedroom): Chorus: I Saw U in Algebra
    24. Scene 4 (Police Station): Did you have sex?
    25. Scene 5 (Brian's Bedroom): Brian... I have a proposition
    26. Scene 6 (Police Station): You refused / He was my friend!
    27. Scene 7 (Anne's Flat) & Scene 8 (Police Station): Mother!... Are you all right?
    28. Scene 9 (Brian's Bedroom): What's up? / U updated your photo
    29. Scene 10 (Police Station): You Taking the P*S? / Maybe Not
    30. Scene 11 (Brian's Bedroom): If I'm not at the doctor
    31. Scene 12 (Alley): Do what I say / Okay
    32. Scene 13 (Police Station): Thank you, Brian. Do you understand what's happened to you?
    33. Scene 14 (Hospital): Detective, this is my daughter, Rebecca... Chorus: Kill urself
    34. Scene 14 Cont'd (Police Station): And There They Are-Rebecca. Fiona. Peter
    This is a new, unopened CD in its original packaging.
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