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Night Sins

'New Grave' Vinyl Record

Night Sins 'New Grave' Vinyl Record

'New Grave' Vinyl Record

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Product Description

Born by members of hardcore bands Salvation and Mother Of Mercy, Night Sins is the aural proof that life does not walk so dark all over Europe alone.

Emerging sometime around 2011 under the oppressive skies of Philadelphia, these overcast malcontents are fitly connected to a city engrossed in shadow-soaked vices and dilapidated architecture.

Not to imply that there isn't a comforting sort of gloominess in this musical malaise as Night Sins frolic down a musical path originally cut by The Sisters of Mercy and Clan of Xymox, with enough hints of Pink Turns Blue, The Mission, and other extensions into 80's darkwave to produce memorable songwriting that stands on its own.

Bass and drums punch through the mist thick as thieves, guitar lines circle like falcons overhead, minimal synths street clean some of the residual dirt, and singer-songwriter Kyle Kimball's vocals confidently press through an intimate fog. There is a brilliant light in the midst of dimness, and Night Sins is carrying the torch.

Side A:
1. Playing Dead
2. Shoot Me Up
3. Spectral Bliss
4. The Stranger
5. Knell

Side B:
1. The Eternal Giver
2. Wild Eyes
3. Winged Thing
4. Knife to the Sky
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