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Seiji Ozawa


Seiji Ozawa


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Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. Symphony in C Major, 1st Movement: Allegro Vivo
  2. Symphony in C Major, the Second Movement: Adagio
  3. Symphony in C Major, the Third Movement: Scherzo. Allegro Vivace
  4. Symphony in C Major, the Fourth Movement: Finale. Allegro Vivace
  5. Pavane for Dead Princess
  6. Ballet Music «Ma Mail Roi» Prelude
  7. Ballet Music «Ma Mail Roi» First Field: Spinning Wheel of Dance and Scene
  8. Ballet Music «Ma Mail Roi» Second Field: Sleeping Beauty of Pavane
  9. Ballet Music «Ma Mail Roi» Third Field: Beauty and the Beast of Dialogue
  10. Ballet Music «Ma Mail Roi» Fourth Field: Thumbling
  11. Ballet Music «Ma Mail Roi» Fifth Field: Pagoda of Queen Redoronetto
  12. Ballet Music «Ma Mail Roi» Finale: Fairy Garden
[Disc 2]
  1. Suite «Tomb of Couperin» 1. Prelude: Vif
  2. Suite «Tomb of Couperin» 2. Forlane: Allegretto
  3. Suite «Tomb of Couperin» 3. Menuet: Allegro Moderato
  4. Suite «Tomb of Couperin» 4. Rigaudon: Assez Vif
  5. Ballet Suite «Pulcinella» (1949 Edition) 1. Sinfonia
  6. Ballet Suite «Pulcinella» (1949 Edition) 2. Serenata
  7. Ballet Suite «Pulcinella» (1949 Version) 3. Scherzino - Allegro - Andantino
  8. Ballet Suite «Pulcinella» (1949 Edition) 4. Tarantella
  9. Ballet Suite «Pulcinella» (1949 Edition) 5. Toccata
  10. Ballet Suite «Pulcinella» (1949 Edition) 6. Gavotta Con Due Variazioni
  11. Ballet Suite «Pulcinella» (1949 Version) 7. Vivo
  12. Ballet Suite «Pulcinella» (1949 Edition) 8A. Minuetto
  13. Ballet Suite «Pulcinella» (1949 Edition) 8B. Finale
  14. Concerto in D Tone First Movement: Vivace
  15. Concerto in D-Tone Second Movement: Arioso. Andantino
  16. Concerto in D-Tone Third Movement: Rondo. Allegro
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