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Seiji Ozawa


Seiji Ozawa


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Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. I Wonder Where Is the Opera "Electra" Electra?
  2. What Sad Thing, But One 's Opera "Electra" Alone!
  3. Opera "Electra" Electra! - That Face!
  4. Opera "Electra" I Sat Like You, Can't You Are Staring at the Darkness
  5. To Opera "Electra" Loud Sound
  6. Opera "Electra" What of the No Such Use?
  7. Even Everyone Can See, the There!
  8. Opera "Electra" Kami! Not a Anta Own Goddess
  9. Opera "Electra" You Do Not Want to Hear Such a Thing!
  10. Opera "Electra" No I Will Not Be Able to Spend a Restful Night
  11. If Opera "Electra" If Correct Blood Sacrifice Is Slaughtered Under the Hatchet
  12. Opera "Electra" What Who of Blood Flowing? Kubinekko of Anta Own
  13. Opera a "Electra" Light! More Light!
[Disc 2]
  1. Opera "Electra" Orest Is! Orest Is Dead!
  2. Become a Opera "Electra" Now We Must Be Accomplished By Our
  3. Opera "Electra" Nante Anta Will Strong Do!
  4. Opera "Electra" Well, Alone!
  5. Opera "Electra" Stranger, There Is What Use Of?
  6. Opera 'Electr"' Orest!
  7. No Opera Intend "Electra" Do? Alone? Poor Child
  8. Opera "Electra" Do Ye Was Whether, Even Faint Breath
  9. Opera "Electra" It Was Not Able to Pass Him the Ax!
  10. Opera "Electra" Hey! I Light! I Light! Do Not Have a Person Who Shines in the Light?
  11. Opera "Electra" Electra! Sister! We and Come Together!
  12. What Do Not Hear Opera "Electra"? What If That Music Is Not Heard?
  13. Not Hear Opera "Electra", People Him
  14. Opera "Electra" Silently, Please Dance. Everyone, Welcome to Here!
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