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Seven Side Diamond ENIGMA CD
Seven Side Diamond ENIGMA CD


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Track List
  1. Prolusion
  2. The Pact
  3. Unique Verse
  4. Metasong
  5. Shine
  6. Enigma (I. Psique Door)
  7. Enigma (Ii. Sunset)
  8. Enigma (Iii. Infinite Night)
  9. Enigma (Iv. Loom in the Sky)
  10. Enigma (V. Labyrinth Lake Mind)
  11. Enigma (Vi. Cryptic Wars)
  12. Enigma (Vii. Sunland Island)
  13. Enigma (Viii. Secret Dive)
  14. Enigma (Ix. Before)
  15. Enigma (X. Offhand Funeral)
  16. Enigma (Xi. In)
  17. Enigma (Xii. Life Party 2)
  18. Enigma (Xiii. Speranza)
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