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Silverbacks FA DA STREETZ CD
Silverbacks FA DA STREETZ CD


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Track List
  1. Intro - Dice, D-Boi, Ill Will
  2. Fa Da Streetz - Ill Will ft. Lil Beezy
  3. Double Crossin - D-Boi, Reekin, Lil Jack
  4. Raw Life - JB, Philly Phil, D-Boi, A-Dubb, Killa Quis
  5. Walk Wit Me - Lil Jack, Young R.I.C.K., Fed-Up
  6. Watch Yo Back - Lil Beezy, Ft. C Wright
  7. Ain't Gone Do Shit - D-Boi, Ill Will, Young R.I.C.K
  8. Earth Quakin - Reekin, D-Boi, Beezy, Legacy, Killa Quis
  9. My Life - Fed-Up, Reekin, Philly Phil, Beezy
  10. U Can't - Lil Jack
  11. Makin Threats - Reekin, Fed-Up
  12. Recognize Philly Phil
  13. U Gone - Fed-Up, Reekin, D-Boi, Philly Phil, A-Dubb, Killa Quis
  14. Dope House - D-Boi
  15. No More - Fed-Up
  16. Who Da Fuck - Lil Jack, Philly Phil, Reekin, Fed-Up, Beezy, Kill
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