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The next stop on a wide-eyed bands van tour: New York City. The gig? Well, it really hasn't ended yet. In fact, it's just picking up momentum. See, the past band-lives of the four evolved from experimental, indie takes on world and jazz and jam and grunge, into an experimental, indie take on electronics. Now in the big citys limits, their wide eyes have narrowed, focusing on a unique sound that takes the best of their past along with them on their arrival to this next stop. The guys of Skidmore Fountain know how to make an entrance, too. Within months on the scene, in an article coinciding with a show at the Tribeca Rock Club, amNewYork, a free daily with circulation of nearly half-a-million, stated Skidmore Fountain is settling into the local scene nicely. Gigs started piling up at the Knitting Factory, Pianos and Arlenes Grocery. And the more they play, the harder it is to stop. Topu Lyo redefines the string instrument as he plays on one of the world¹s only five-string electric cellos. Armed with a style described by TK as ³a new breed of progressive cellists-a mix of Tom Morello, Dave Holland and Charles Mingus,² Topu introduces a new element to the dance/rock sound. While Topu has extensive classical and jazz backgrounds, which has sent him playing throughout North America, Europe and Asia, he exercises an adventurous spirit in music, mixing electronics and his instrument in unexpected ways. Steven Cohen is the man behind the guitar and occasional vocals. No ordinary strummer, Steve developed his trademark sound by developing his knowledge of jazz and classical styles into a new language in rock. The kind and goofy gent has traveled with his riffs throughout the United States and Mexico. When he¹s not wearing his Skidmore Fountain hat, Steve is busy teaching guitar. (make live link on ³teaching guitar²) Randy M. Bergida is more than just that pretty face and indie-meets-dreamy voice. The smiley singer harbors no fear with his range, lyrics and dance-inducing rhythms. Melody and synco (wait for it)pation fill Skidmore Fountain¹s whimsical-and admittedly autobiographical-songs, which take listeners on a poignant, vicarious journey. Randy busts out his bass all the time and has even been known to whip up a hip-hop beat on a flute-for special occasions, anyway. Dylan Wissing, drummer extraordinaire, joins Skidmore Fountain after playing pretty much every type of music under the sun. He co-founded and was the longtime drummer of indie rock/ska legends Johnny Socko. Dylan has played over 2,000 shows coast to coast with Johnny Socko, with songs appearing on MTV, Adam Sandler¹s Eight Crazy Nights, and the radio, nationwide. He¹s performed with Grammy-nominee Mariano Morales¹ Salsa Orchestra and most recently toured with the UK singer/songwriter Julia Jones. He¹s got his own beat for sure but says he¹s a rock drummer with his influences in funk, R&B;, reggae and West African pop. Dylan proudly endorees GMS drums, Sabian cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Pro-Mark Sticks and XL Specialty Percussion cases.

Track List
  1. Up in the Air
  2. Audio Broken Glass
  3. Virginia
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