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Smm: Context / Various CD
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Product Description

2011 collection, the first release in Ghostly International's yearly compilation series of evocative, open-ended music. This release finds artists spanning the globe, straddling the intersection between classical minimalism, electronic and drone composition, film soundtracks, and fragile imaginary landscapes. Features Svarte Greiner, Leyland Kirby, the Fun Years, Rafael Anton Irisarri (aka the Sight Below), Erik Satie, and Peter Broderick. Context provides a backdrop for life's small movies, or, if you’re not into the whole "ambient as life soundtrack" thing, existing simply as elegant, heartbreakingly beautiful music.

Track List
  1. Motion
  2. Polaroid
  3. Halves
  4. 11 Generations of My Fathers
  5. Elegia
  6. Cornelia Amygdaloid
  7. Three Parts
  8. Substantiated
  9. Moments Descend On My Windowpane
  10. Runge S Last Stand
  11. Pause
This is a new, unopened CD in its original packaging.
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