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Songs to Wear Pants To


Songs to Wear Pants To GREEN PANTS CD
Songs to Wear Pants To GREEN PANTS CD
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Track List
  1. Toilet Flushing Shelving Unit
  2. She Doesn't Know That She's in the Song
  3. Cherry, Orange and Lime
  4. The Zesty Redhead
  5. Tee el Eh
  6. With Spoons and About Spoons
  7. We Photocopy Our Body Parts
  8. Little Eeeee Foo Foo
  9. Rename Your Rabbit
  10. Graham the Polar Bear vs. Henry the Unicorn
  11. We Come in Peace
  12. Applesauce Ballad of the Pet Tuba
  13. Sarah Anderson
  14. Big Chief Breads with a Nugget vs. My Lame Bodybuilder Boss
  15. Badgers
  16. Vorsprung Durch Technik
  17. Bongos Look Like Cupcakes
  18. Celtic Techno Burrito
  19. Voweltacular
  20. I Am Bjork
  21. How Awesome Superdeer Is
  22. A Rap Song in Which None of theLyrics Contain the Letter E
  23. Studying for Cybercities Blues
  24. R (3s B Long 2 Gether 4 Ever
  25. Skamurai
  26. Gniht Elohw Eht Esrever
  27. Geometry Is the New Calculus
  28. The TV Trilogy
  29. It Has a Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi
  30. It Was Too Hot!
  31. We Got Technical Difficulties
  32. Dani Human Drops the Needle
  33. Alliteration
  34. The Second Monkey Island Game Wasthe Best
  35. Tenino
  36. A Bug Fell in Love with a Cat
  37. I Am Tuna
  38. It Was the World
  39. My Husband Stephen
  40. MC Pantz Bringing Modern Psalms
  41. Kazookazookazookazookazoo
  42. Warm and Fuzzy
  43. No Pants!
  44. I Am the First Fifty Digits of Pi
  45. I Am the Mars Volta and I Am Space Ghost
  46. I Am a Tree
  47. Rice Pudding Opera of the Contrabass MIDI Saxophone
  48. Napoleon
  49. Thai
  50. Toenails
  51. I Want Cris Edwards
  52. Like There's No Cow
  53. I Am Random Authors and Musicians
  54. Big Bob vs. Ice Cream Cone
  55. What's Up Your Sleeve, Stanky?
  56. I Am an Ewok
  57. I Am Mr. Dressup
  58. I Am 29
  59. MC Underwear vs. MC Pantz
  60. Dragon Style
  61. My Life
  62. The THX Sound with Just My Voice
  63. Your Feelings
  64. I Empty My Baby
  65. Shuffle Function Theme
  66. Spy Theme
  67. Pie Club Anthem
  68. The Down and out Show Theme
  69. Gemma Theme
  70. Connect the Dots Theme
  71. Songs to Wear Pants to Theme
  72. Songs to Wear Pants to Theme
  73. Badgers
  74. It Was Too Remixed!
  75. Untitled
  76. I Am a Canadian Donkey
  77. Toenails
  78. Another Dimension
  79. I Am a Mechanical Shark
  80. The Head of a Radio
  81. I Am a Clam
  82. Dinsoaurs with a Outragous BMP
  83. Eleven Windows Logout Sounds
  84. Megabytes & Gigabytes Freestyle
  85. Armadillo Potato Love
  86. Underage Stalkers
  87. Little Albino Kitty
  88. My Sister-In-Law's Ears
  89. A Cool Way to Ask a Girl to theDance
  90. If the Metro Don't Go There It Don't Exist
  91. I Am Your Terrible Wardrobe
  92. Celtic Techno Burrito [Extended Version]
  93. If You Play This Song Backwards It Will Sound the Same
  94. My Nose Is a Piano and Two Trumpets
  95. Lennon McCartney Merriam Webster Barnes Noble
  96. Sexy Debater Techno
  97. Beerbogganing
  98. Haaaaiiiii
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