Together We're Alone (CD)

Statues Together We're Alone (CD)

Together We're Alone (CD)

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Statues - Together We're Alone (CD) 'Together We're Alone', Statues' debut album, is the culmination of the last five years of writing and performing as a band.
Musically, it is relentless, lyrically it is introspective, making comment on social expectations, and how we are brought up to think about life.
Mixed by Matthew Templeman and Mastered by Simon Struthers, 'Together We're Alone' is an aggressive, yet honest record, making Statues stand out as one of the most unique hardcore bands in Australia.

All Fears are Learned, All Victories are Earned
Always Building, Always Breaking
Oh Precious Commodity
Foreseeing the Cloud and Not the Rain
Affliction Prescription
I Want Peace (Interlude I)
Burning the Truth at Both Ends
The Wanderer
Hard Words, Softly Spoken
Hope Is (Interlude II)
Within Arms Reach

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