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Track List
  1. Life's a Dance
  2. April's Dad
  3. Michaelangelo
  4. Pictures Intro
  5. Pictures
  6. BFD
  7. Every Little Bit of Love
  8. New Orleans
  9. Skippin' Stones Intro
  10. Skippin' Stones
  11. Wrong
  12. Don't Laugh at Me
  13. Don't Laugh at Me Outro
  14. It's Always Something
  15. Warm Wind
  16. Bridge of Hope
  17. Use Mine
  18. Right Outta Nowhere
  19. I Think About You
  20. You Never Know How Soon
  21. It's a Jungle Out Here Intro
  22. It's a Jungle Out Here
  23. I Don't Wanna Fall from Here
  24. A Little Excitement
  25. Grown Men Don't Cry
  26. Last First Kiss Intro
  27. Last First Kiss
  28. Everybody's Got a Mountain
  29. I Owe You One
  30. I Still Love Lucy
  31. To Be Who I Am
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