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Steve Wynn


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Steve Wynn DECADE CD


$98.49 $88.64
For a limited time only
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Product Description

Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. Steve Wynn – Melting in the Dark -ALBUM TITLE
  2. Why
  3. Shelley's Blues, Pt. 2
  4. What We Call Love
  5. Drizzle
  6. The Angels
  7. Epilogue
  8. Silence Is Your Only Friend
  9. Stare It Down
  10. Smooth
  11. For All I Care
  12. The Way You Punish Me
  13. Down
  14. Melting in the Dark
[Disc 2]
  1. Follow Me (unreleased radio performance)
  2. James River Incident (unreleased demo)
  3. Shelley’s Blues, Pt. 2 (unreleased demo)
  4. Smooth (unreleased demo)
  5. Down (unreleased demo)
  6. Nothing at All (unreleased demo)
  7. Nothing but the Shell (unreleased demo with Eric Ambel)
  8. Silence Is Your Only Friend (unreleased demo)
  9. Stare It Down (unreleased demo)
  10. Swallowed Me Whole (unreleased demo)
  11. The Angels (unreleased demo)
  12. What We Call Love (unreleased demo)
  13. What Would It Take (unreleased demo)
  14. Why (unreleased alternate version with the Pat Thomas band)
  15. The Air That I Breathe
  16. James River Incident (studio outtake)
  17. Make It Up to You (studio outtake)
[Disc 3]
  1. Steve Wynn – Sweetness and Light -ALBUM TITLE
  2. Silver Lining
  3. Black Magic
  4. Sweetness and Light
  5. This Strange Effect
  6. This Deadly Game
  7. How's My Little Girl
  8. Ghosts
  9. Blood from A Stone
  10. In Love with Everyone
  11. The Great Divide
  12. That's the Way Love Is
  13. If My Life Was an Open Book
  14. Black Magic (unreleased demo)
  15. This Deadly Game (unreleased demo)
  16. Ghosts (unreleased demo)
  17. Silver Lining (unreleased demo)
  18. Blood from a Stone (unreleased demo with Gutterball)
[Disc 4]
  1. Steve Wynn – My Midnight - ALBUM TITLE
  2. Nothing but The Shell
  3. My Favorite Game
  4. Cats and Dogs
  5. In Your Prime
  6. Mandy Breakdown
  7. Lay of The Land
  8. Out of This World
  9. My Midnight
  10. The Mask of Shame
  11. We've Been Hanging Out
  12. 500 Girl Mornings
  13. Ladies and Gentleman
  14. Invisible (unreleased demo with Johnny Hott)
  15. Smoke from a Distant Flame (unreleased Studio G demo)
  16. My Family (Studio G demo)
  17. Don’t Be Afraid (Studio G demo)
  18. Smoke from a Distant Flame (unreleased studio outtake)
[Disc 5]
  1. My Favorite Game (unreleased demo)
  2. Cats and Dogs (unreleased Studio G demo)
  3. In Your Prime (unreleased Studio G demo)
  4. Mandy Breakdown (unreleased demo)
  5. Lay of the Land (unreleased Studio G demo)
  6. My Midnight (unreleased Studio G demo)
  7. The Mask of Shame (unreleased demo)
  8. We’ve Been Hanging Out (unreleased Studio G demo)
  9. 500 Girl Mornings (unreleased studio G demo)
  10. My Favorite Game (unreleased Studio G demo)
  11. Easy (unreleased demo 1)
  12. Easy (unreleased demo 2)
  13. Halfway to the Afterlife (studio G demo)
  14. Halfway to the Afterlife (unreleased demo)
  15. Invisible (studio G demo)
  16. Lay of the Land (unreleased demo)
  17. The Impossible (Studio G demo)
  18. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad (studio outtake)
[Disc 6]
  1. Steve Wynn ?– Here Come the Miracles -ALBUM TITLE
  2. Here Come the Miracles
  3. Shades of Blue
  4. Sustain
  5. Blackout
  6. Butterscotch
  7. Southern California Line
  8. Morningside Heights
  9. Let's Leave It Like That
  10. Crawling Misanthropic Blues
  11. Drought
  12. Death Valley Rain
  13. Sustain (unreleased demo)
  14. Southern California Line (unreleased demo)
  15. Morningside Heights (unreleased demo)
  16. Death Valley Rain (unreleased demo)
  17. There Will Come a Day Instrumental (unreleased demo)
[Disc 7]
  1. Strange New World
  2. Sunset to The Sea
  3. Good and Bad
  4. Topanga Canyon Freaks
  5. Watch Your Step
  6. Charity
  7. Smash Myself to Bits
  8. There Will Come a Day
  9. Watch Your Step (unreleased demo)
  10. Smash Myself to Bits (unreleased demo)
  11. Staten Island (unreleased demo)
  12. Watch Your Step (unreleased demo 2)
  13. Bitch Pants (unreleased studio outtake)
[Disc 8]
  1. Steve Wynn ?– The Emusic Singles Collection - ALBUM TITLE
  2. Strange New World
  3. Last House on The Right (with Johnette Napolitano)
  4. The Last One Standing (with Australian Blonde)
  5. Milky White (with Eric Ambel)
  6. Melinda (with Richard Lloyd)
  7. The Way I Feel Right Now (with Barbara Manning)
  8. The Devil's Not That Kind (with James Mastro)
  9. Merry-Go-Round (with Polar)
  10. I Gotta Do Things My Way (with the Miracle 3 and the Turnettes)
  11. Shake and Bake (with Gutterball)
  12. Down at The Hi-De-Ho (with the Fleshtones)
  13. At the End of The Day (with Linda Pitmon)
  14. Bait and Switch (unreleased demo)
  15. Claro Que Si (unreleased demo)
  16. Conditions (unreleased demo with Chris Cacavas)
  17. Down at the Hi-De-Ho (unreleased demo)
  18. From a Better Place (unreleased outtake)
  19. I’m Not Listening (unreleased Studio G demo)
[Disc 9]
  1. Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 ?– Static Transmission - ALBUM TITLE
  2. What Comes After
  3. Candy Machine
  4. The Ambassador of Soul
  5. Keep It Clean
  6. Amphetamine
  7. California Style
  8. One Less Shining Star
  9. Maybe Tomorrow
  10. Hollywood
  11. Charcoal Sunset
  12. A Fond Farewell
  13. If It Was Easy Everybody Would Do It
[Disc 10]
  1. Riverside (studio outtake)
  2. Nothing Like Anything (studio outtake)
  3. Underneath the Underground (studio outtake)
  4. Timing (studio outtake)
  5. Survival Blues (studio outtake)
  6. Again (studio outtake)
  7. State Trooper (studio outtake)
  8. Benediction (studio outtake)
  9. Underneath the Underground (unreleased demo)
[Disc 11]
  1. Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 ?– ...Tick...Tick...Tick -ALBUM TITLE
  2. Wired
  3. Cindy, It Was Always You
  4. Freak Star
  5. Killing Me
  6. The Deep End
  7. Turning of The Tide
  8. Bruises
  9. Your Secret
  10. Wild Mercury
  11. All the Squares Go Home
  12. No Tomorrow
  13. Killing Me (unreleased demo)
  14. Second Best (from “Fever Pitch”)
  15. Welcome to the New Regime (unreleased studio outtake)
  16. Still Messed Up (unreleased studio outtake)
  17. Bring the Magic (unreleased demo with Chris Cacavas)
This is a new, unopened CD in its original packaging.
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