Ever Since I Lost My Mind LP (Vinyl)

Susto - Ever Since I Lost My Mind LP (Vinyl)

Ever Since I Lost My Mind LP (Vinyl)

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Ever Since I Lost My Mind is the third album and Rounder Records debut for SUSTO, the creative musical persona of charismatic frontman Justin Osborne. The album is a resounding triumph: a mix of new partnerships and collaborations with old friends, all anchored by Osborne’s perceptive songs that explore connection, loss, and transience––and the pain and joy each brings. With their rock-rooted sound, SUSTO keeps listeners engaged by refusing to occupy an easily defined space. Produced by Ian Fitchuck (Kacey Musgraves, Ruston Kelly) and featuring key input from Osborne’s longtime creative sounding board Wolfgang Zimmerman, Ever Since I Lost My Mind defiantly experiments with synth embellishments, Latin heart, guileless folk, and more. 

1. Homeboy (3:55)
2. If I Was (4:26)
3. Weather Balloons (3:48)
4. Manual Transmission (4:01)
5. Last Century (2:52)
6. Está Bien (4:15)
7. House of the Blue Green Buddha (2:52)
8. Livin' in America (2:40)
9. Ever Since I Lost My Mind (3:14)
10. Cocaine (3:06)
11. No Way Out (3:32)
12. Off You (3:12)

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