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Farmhouse Magazine- Album Review for Technicolour Stallion Presents... Spacepony By: Mike Dell'Aquila Simply stated, Technicolour Stallion is the band we've been waiting for. In a time when rock music is dominated by predictable mixtures of punk and disco, Technicolour Stallion releases Spacepony to pique the imaginations of a generation of hipsters who have grown bored with formulaic garage bands. Their aptly-named debut album features ambitious songs that capture their unique sound and style. Spacepony harkens back to the origins of indie rock when bands were willing to take risks. Instead of trying to define the band along the lines of what is currently trendy, many of the tracks transcend a specific style and avoid pigeonholing themselves into specific sub-genre of rock music. Technicolour Stallion explores all sorts of musical landscapes without becoming over-indulgent and their whimsical, self-aware lyrics provides a nice counter-weight to the music's sense of grandeur. Although a lot of Technicolour Stallion's songs take their cues from a gamut of new wave artists, their influences are varied and Spacepony never comes off as belonging to a specific period of time. This album is forward looking rather than coming off as a band that believes they were born in the wrong decade. Songs like "Wolf" and "Plastic Arm" are balanced post-modern mixtures and deliver complex, riff-driven songs. In "Eyez on tha Prize," you can hear how the band's musical genealogy is incredibly diverse. The diversity of their influences allows them to be a band that is more than the sum of it's parts; their songs do more than simply show off an extensive record collection. Above all, the unpredictability of their music, starting right after the first minute mark on the opening track, "Trauma Queen," keeps us guessing and interested. Spacepony hits full stride on "Eunice," in which Technicolour Stallion find a perfect balance. On "Eunice," the rhythm section creates a solid launching pad for Dan Leu's crisp riffs and the lyrics on this song are among the best on the whole album. Thematically, Eunice's frustration speaks to an emerging culture of young people who search for more than the tragedies that have come before us. Not only does the metaphor define the new generation of young perfection seekers, but it also captures the essential spirit of the band: instead of continually stripping rock music down until there's nothing left, they will work to create something new and substantial. Spacepony offers the first stride in what will become an exciting career for Technicolour Stallion as they continue to explore and define their sound. And it's taking risks that will help them in the end and time will take care of the rest.

Track List
  1. Trauma Queen
  2. Wolf
  3. Eyez on tha Prize
  4. Plastic Arm
  5. Eunice
  6. + Infinite Travels
  7. Spacepony
  8. Moldy Bales (Relieved Upon the 4th of Winter)
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