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    The Dogs D'Amour

    'In The Dynamite Jet Saloon' Vinyl Record

    The Dogs D'Amour 'In The Dynamite Jet Saloon' Vinyl Record

    'In The Dynamite Jet Saloon' Vinyl Record

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    Product Description

    The Dogs D'Amour were unleashed onto an unsuspecting and somewhat mediocre UK music scene during the mid 1980's.  With their ramshackle pirate-meets-Dickens style they pioneered a unique combination of glam-punk and Stonesque rock'n'roll.  They sang songs about sweet sorrows and told torrid tales of destruction – all hallmarked with their ‘do-or-die’ attitude.Their style stood out from the rest - as did their iconic artwork created by frontman Tyla, who’s unmistakable illustrations of mischievous rock n’ rollers-up-to-no-good adorned the bands album covers and sleeves.

    If Charles Bukowski was the prose and poetry of the drunks, junkies and lonely hearts, then this was their song and music.Dogs D'Amour surfaced with a line-up of Tyla (vocals, guitar), Jo Dog (guitar), Steve James (bass), Bam (drums) and enjoyed considerable UK chart success with ‘In The Dynamite Jet Saloon’, the album eventually garnering three hit singles, it was 1988 and suddenly the Dogs D’Amour vagabond chic was everywhere. The album was followed up by an acoustic mini album entitled A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles, the year after that entered the UK album charts at No.16. Darrell Bath (guitar) replaced Jo Dog on what was to be their last official album on China Records – ‘More Unchartered Heights Of Disgrace’ before the band began to crash and finally burn.

    In 1994 Tyla started to focus heavily on his solo career and formed his label imprint; the aptly named King Outlaw as a vehicle for his ever-burgeoning song writing. ‘Nocturnal Nomad’ was the first album to appear on the label and 17 more solo and Dogs records and DVD’s have since been released including the critically acclaimed ‘Lullabies For Tough Guys’, ‘‘Flagrantly, Electrically, Acoustically Yours (with Spike – The Quireboys) and 2010’s ‘Bloody Hell Fire’. Tyla has also presented his paintings at exhibitions in France, Germany, America and the U.K. and continues to tour Europe and the States extensively as well as building up a formidable art store online - support@merchbar.com 

    Tyla has re-recorded the classic ‘In The Dynamite Jet Saloon’ album to mark the 25th Anniversary of him originally writing the songs - “I wanted to re-record the album as if I’d written it only yesterday, but with all I know about life today. It was like stepping back into the saloon bar and having a drink with some old friends – and it’s the only boozer I know where there are no last orders at the bar!”As well as revisiting his Dog days, Tyla has a handful of books in the works, including a loose collection of anecdotes and biographical notes called The Fortunate Adventures. The Accident Book, which, much like the books in school that detail every playground accident, charts a life spent tripping up and falling down, not least how he broke his ribs when a fat roadie fell on him.

    And there’s the novel, Together In Life, Forever In Death, a surreal love story set against a backdrop of murky art dealers and gentlemen thugs.This year also marks a personal anniversary for Tyla himself – he will turn 50 and will set sail upon the high and stormy seas once again with a UK tour planned for Summer/Autumn 2011. Come, raise your glasses to the last bandit.

    1. Last Bandit
    2. Sometimes
    3. I Don’t Want You To Go
    4. How Come It Never Rains
    5. Everything I Want
    6. Heroine
    7. Billy Two Rivers
    8. How Do You Fall In Love Again
    9. State I’m In
    10. In The Dynamite Jet Saloon
    11. Swingin’ The Bottle
    12. Wait Until I’m Dead

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