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The Klaxons

Sweetheart' Vinyl 10" Vinyl Record

The Klaxons 'Sweetheart' Vinyl 10" Vinyl Record
The Klaxons

Sweetheart' Vinyl 10" Vinyl Record

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Product Description

HEY! Who’s party IS this we’re at? The Klaxons drop a photo-realist mind bomb upside ya head. Jamie’s trips out on Vega’s start of the 80’s Ballardian ballad…. with a 21st century added sugar high hit. Sticky with lurve, my loves.

Mr Reynolds is no new comer to Vega-world, his very first bedroom band was called “ XXXX” – true thing!

Edward Paolozzi “A good reproduction is worth a thousand poor originals”.

Meanwhile waaay out on the flipside Suze Oberbeck irons IN the kinks.
Wears her No Bra on her sleeve…. if you get my drift? A Xerox lovingly re-Xeroxed till it hurts then becomes a thing of beauty all of it’s own……are you laughing too? T-wist-ed….. TIGHT!

Front Cover – Alexander McQueen

Side A:
1. The Klaxons - Sweetheart

Side B:
2. Alan Vega - Speedway
3. No Bra - Super Subway Comedian
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