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Vol. 2-Pyramid Funk & Dynamite Reggae / Various Vinyl Record
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Here we go again with another inspired mash-up vinyl from mighty Foot Forward Music! After the success of Pyramid Funk & Dynamite Reggae Vol. 1 ? which sold out within two weeks ? and the equally hard-hittingModern Stalking EP by the Beatstalkers, it's time for Foot Forward Strike Number Oh-Three: On Pyramid Funk & Dynamite Reggae Vol. 2, the Beatstalkers and Dooza deliver four heavy-heavy, spot-on mash-up bangers on a pitch-black, strictly limited slab of vinyl which will put big smiles upon music lovers' faces and make haters hate themselves: It's Pyramid Funk and Dynamite Reggae time, fellas! Original Sensi is the opener of this vinyl-only release ? and also the name of the game! Those famous chants from Under Mi Sensi come together with a heavy dancehall vocal delivery from Jamaican dancehall meister Mr. Vegas on a steadily pumping grid of super-dope beats and true-to-the-core Reggae bass. Step Pon Love incorporates elements from the beloved Bob Marley evergreen Could You Be Loved, trademark Beatstalkers fat drums and bits and effects while delivering the singalong dancehall toasting of Assassin ? an amalgamation which has already proven it's merits at festivals and parties in Europe and the US over the last summer. Cuban Explosive a solo effort by the Beatstalkers riddim-smith Dooza takes whipping breaks from an old Afro-Cuban slammer and, by way of some heavy editing and adding a thick layer of bass wobble, brings it to a new level of energy which will appeal to Latin Boogaloo movers and shakers as well as B-Boys getting down on the linoleum. Reggae Demmi is the bomb Germany has been unknowingly waiting for, as the reaction on several Tanzflurs has already shown. Taking the iconic vocals from Deichkind's nu-rave uber-hit Remmi Demmi into smooth yet gritty Jamaican territory is pure genius ? and makes this a top tune even where there are absolutely no neon colors involved.

Each record is protected within its record sleeve by a white vellum anti-dust sleeve.

All items are shipped brand-new and unopened in original packaging. Every record is shipped in original factory-applied shrink wrap and has never been touched by human hands.
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