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The Workshop began in 2001 when two friends from a band (Raw Material) that had disbanded ten years ago got together to get the creative juices flowing again. They jammed in a workshop of a caryard. Feeling a bit nostalgic they rang their old guitarist, Kev, who was living in Sydney and playing in pop rock band WeeVe at the time. About a year later Kev returned to the Mid North Coast bringing his recording studio with him. He joined Steve and Dave at the workshop and brought his acoustic guitar. The coming back together again was really natural and inspiring, the comfort zone kicked in. The music that they played and the drive between them was reignited, this gave them the vigour to make it all happen again. Encouraged by the success of an earlier EP, and appearances on the best of the MAX FM shows, THE WORKSHOP were inspired to spend the 2004 recording their first Album TIRED & DIRTY .. Since the release of the album they have continued to record and play live with a young session drummer (Mick) they met during sessions for Tired an dirty. The Tired and Dirty CD has been by promoted and played throughout,Australia thru Community Fm (AMRAP).,.and DISTRUIBUTION ON THE WEB THRU American CD company CDBABY.COM. This has led to airplay on Community Fm in Belgum and the USA.

Track List
  1. W th You
  2. All Things Change
  3. This Line
  4. So Right
  5. Too Early
  6. Wanted and Needed
  7. Mindchange
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