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The Felice Brothers

Favorite Waitress

The Felice Brothers Favorite Waitress
The Felice Brothers Favorite Waitress

Favorite Waitress

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Being the Felice Brothers' first album cut in a proper recording studio, Favorite Waitress has a slightly shambolic, loose-yet-committed tone of those early sessions at Big Pink.

The songwriting certainly follows the rumpled blend of impressionism and silliness that marked Bob Dylan's _Basement Tapes_ classics like "Quinn the Eskimo" or "Million Dollar Bash," bolstered by the Zimmerman-flavored drawl of Ian Felice's vocals. 

Favorite Waitress feels mildly schizophrenic as it jumps from moody, cinematic numbers like "Alien" and "Chinatown" to the playful, boozy swagger of "Cherry Licorice" and "Woman Next Door," but the overall effect is a band that's dug in their heels in the studio and is going to make the most of the way the individual voices bounce off one another, and if they're shooting for something less challenging on Favorite Waitress the feel of the music clearly seems to suit them.

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