The Felice Brothers

Favorite Waitress Vinyl (2x180g)

The Felice Brothers Favorite Waitress Vinyl (2x180g)
The Felice Brothers Favorite Waitress Vinyl (2x180g)

Favorite Waitress Vinyl (2x180g)

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Oddly enough, The Felice Brothers' new album Favorite Waitress marks the first time the band has ever recorded in a proper studio. Produced by the band's longtime producer and collaborator Jeremy Backofen, the album is their most fully realized statement yet. After diligently working for a year, mining through a hundred songs worth of material, they took off last December for Omaha and knocked the whole thing out in a week.  

Favorite Waitress is about fantastic escape from the terrifying realities of modern life. First single "Cherry Licorice" is an ode to never growing up, retreating from a domestic nightmare into a world of soda pop rivers and candy corn comas. “Meadow Of A Dream” feels like that perfect summer day in the woods lost in some primitive western shoot out with the neighborhood gang, when you wish you would never hear any parent cry for supper. “Saturday Night” describes the mythical properties of that magical time of the week when anything can happen, searching through the smoke and shit talk with a couple bucks in your pocket and a head full of teeth that could use loosening.  


Side A:  1.  Bird On Broken Wing  |  2.  Cherry Licorice  |  3.  Meadow Of A Dream  |  4.  Lion

Side B:  1.  Saturday Night  |  2.  Constituents  |  3.  Hawthorne  |  4.  Katie Cruel  |  5.  No Trouble

Side C:  1.  Alien  |  2.  Chinatown  |  3.  Woman Next Door  |  4.  Silver In The Shadow


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