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Laurent Jeanneau

'Music of Northern Laos' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

Laurent Jeanneau 'Music of Northern Laos' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

'Music of Northern Laos' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

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Product Description

Release Date: 05/10/2018

Akuphone presents a collection of recordings of various musical practices from the Laotian provinces of Luang Namtha et Phongsaly. These documents are a perfect introduction to the traditional music of South Laos minority groups.

Popular modern music is widely spread but visitors are barely ever exposed to ancient acoustic practices from villages. As a matter of fact, mouth organs of various sizes exist among the Hmong and Bit as well as amazing vocal techniques among the Lantene, Ahka or Khmu who combine simultaneous singing and flute notes.

Caught on the spot, these outstanding testimonies were collected between 2006 and 2013 by Laurent Jeanneau, aka King Gong. Through his researches, this self-taught ethnologist has gradually become one of the specialists of the field, building up a collection of complete and fascinating sound archives which contribute documenting parts of this immaterial heritage.

MUSIC OF NORTHERN LAOS brings some light on a region of South East Asia still largely unknown from the general audience as well as the recently reborn ethnographic musical industry.

This compilation will delight both khene lovers and beginners unused to South East Asian sounds. Enclosed: liner notes in English, French and Japanese as well as a downloading code.

Side A:
1. White Hmong « Queej »
2. Lantene (Moon) Women
3. Khmu Ou « Tot »
4. Khmu Ou « Pi»
5. Akha « Chuluba »

Side B:
6. Bit « Protect The Forest »
7. Dark Blue Yao (Moon) Ceremony
8. Akha « New Year Song »
9. Khmu « Jiakoot »
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