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Angel Eyes

'Final Fare' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

Angel Eyes 'Final Fare' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

'Final Fare' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

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Vinyl LP

Product Description

Angel Eyes, a.k.a Andrew Cowie, is your new night-driving companion.  It’s late; you’re midway between home and that unknown future, and you’re hoping whatever is ahead will be better than what you’ve left behind.

With Final Fare, Cowie delivers both nostalgia and optimism; coldness and isolation are overset by warm whisperings in your ears. An album to enjoy with either your eyes tightly shut, or firmly fixed on the horizon.

Side A:

1. End Point
2. Served Neat
3. A Light Distraction
4. Final Fare

Side B:
1. The Past Again
2. Golden Gleam
3. The Sighing Hours
4. Over

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