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'I Love Bis' Vinyl Record

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BIS 'I Love Bis' Vinyl Record

'I Love Bis' Vinyl Record

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Product Description

2 x Red 180g LP + Download Card.

All the early, hard-to-find EP's collected - from 1994's debut "Transmissions On The Teen-C Tip!" through to 1996's "Bis vs. The DIY Corps", a crazed journey through Riot Grrrl indebted Synth-Pop to the New-Wave poses of chart-bothering "Kandy Pop" and beyond. Inspired by Devo, Bikini Kill and XTC in equal measures, these are the sounds that inspired a devoted fan base and influenced a generation of bands.

Includes the previously unreleased "Nation Go Yeah! (Home Demonstrations)" - 4-track recordings from 1993-1996, a unique insight into the restless creators brains featuring lost classics and early versions.

Side A:
1. Kill Yr Boyfriend
2. Sci-Fi Superstar
3. Improved Neu! Formula
4. Public School Boy
5. Caustic Sofa
6. School Disco

Side B:
7. Plastik People
8. Conspiracy A-Go-Go
9. Pop Socks
10. Icky-Poo Air Raid
11. Kandy Pop
12. Secret Vampires

Side C:
13. Teen-C Power
14. Diska
15. Keroleen
16. Grand Royal With Cheese
17. This Is Fake D.I.Y
18. Burn The Suit
19. Dance To The Disco Beat

Side D:
20. Nation Go Yeah! (Home Demonstrations)
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