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Casiotone For The Painfully Alone TOWN TOPIC CD
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone TOWN TOPIC CD
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Product Description

THE 'Town Topic EP' is the soundtrack to video artist and photographer Laurel Nakadate's debut feature film, 'Stay the Same Never Change'. Laurel commissioned Casio tone for the Painfully Alone's Owen Ashworth to provide all of the music for 'Stay the Same Never Change', right down to the character's ring tones. Built from the sounds of electric pianos, organs, Casio keyboards, a primitive monophonic sequencer/drum machine, and a ton of spring reverb, the music on the 'Town Topic EP' parallels the stories of trouble-making Kansas City teenagers as they detonate explosives, eat at diners, watch fireworks, get kidnapped, and make a couple of phone calls over one sweltering Midwestern summer. The 'Town Topic EP' consists of thirteen short instrumental pieces, book-ended by the two vocal tracks that were recorded specifically for the film: "Ice Cream Truck," which, over a simulated July soundscape of Mr. Softee jingles, cicadas and trunk-rattling bass from passing cars, tells the story of criminal-minded kids who go joy-riding in a stolen ice cream truck.

Track List
  1. Ice Cream Truck
  2. Town Topic (Instrumental)
  3. I Love Creedence (Instrumental)
  4. Lesley Gore On The TAMI Show (Instrumental)
  5. Twinkle Echo (Reverse)
  6. Nashville Parthenon (Instrumental)
  7. STSNC
  8. Twinkle Echo (Redux)
  9. I Like Common
  10. Possible Love Interest (Ringtone)
  11. Bad People (Ringtone)
  12. OMG (Ringtone)
  13. Probably Walkin Down The Street (Ringtone)
  14. Ice Cream Truck (Instrumental)
  15. Green Cotton Sweater (Version)
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