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James Holden


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James Holden DJ-KICKS CD
James Holden DJ-KICKS CD


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Product Description

James Holden's status as an exemplary DJ free-spirit makes him the perfect choice to mix the next in the legendary 'DJ-kicks' series. His tireless dedication to hunting down the next wave of young production talents meets his own sense of exemplary taste when record shopping to bring his unique vision of what a DJ mix in 2010 should rightly be. Barely coming up for air between his non-stop sampler and CDJ wizardry, this mix proves that James Holden is a very modern sort of DJ, brazenly uniting tracks from music's past and present, disregarding genre, confounding the purists and making club hits out of many an unwitting dance floor virgin. While many of these tracks would be an unlikely presence in a 'club' context, James Holden wishes to make it clear that this is in fact dance music, even if it hasn't yet been branded with that label. He says, 'it is loose and free, maybe more so than if you were playing in a club. But to me this is dance music.'

Track List
  1. Wintersport/Cross-Country
  2. Disco [Musiccargo Remix]
  3. Olde Wobbly
  4. No More Sages
  5. Lemon Yoghurt
  6. Soft Attacks
  7. The Sun Smells Too Loud [Holden Remix]
  8. Departure
  9. Punkte
  10. Auto Dimmer
  11. Rauch [Luke Abbott Remix]
  12. Potentialities
  13. Open Melody
  14. Triangle Folds (DJ-Kicks)
  15. Definition Of
  16. Flight of the Jupiter
  17. Gaberdine
  18. Never Fail [Vocal] [Version]
  19. Arwen, Namarie
  20. Catacomb City
This is a new, unopened CD in its original packaging.
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