Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

'Euclid' Vinyl Record

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith 'Euclid' Vinyl Record

'Euclid' Vinyl Record

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Kaitlyn's solo debut Euclid (primarily written on a Buchla Music Easel synthesizer) was inspired by her love of mbira music, early electronic music pioneers like Laurie Spiegel, Oskar Sala, and Terry Riley, and euclidian geometry. Each of the first six songs on Euclid were initially structured using euclidian geometry, an idea which Smith explored while attending a class at the San Francisco Conservatory.

As Smith explains, "We each chose a 3D shape and assigned our own guidelines to the different components that make up the shape. For example each point of the shape represents a different time signature, each line between the points represents a pitch, each shape within the closed lines represents a scale, etc. And then you play the shape." Despite their heady geometric origins, the songs have a playfulness and warmth that makes them inviting and memorable.

In addition to the buoyant grooves of Smith's synthesizers, some of the songs feature wordless vocals, which energize the otherworldly songs, while grounding them with Smith's earthly presence. She slows things down for the second half of the record, which features a collection of twelve short pieces, Labyrinths I-XII. Originally composed as new soundtracks to old silent films she found online, Smith says the tranquil Labyrinth pieces are "intended to feel like one is walking through a holographic labyrinth and encountering different experiences such as hang gliding, viewing microbes under a microscope, ice fishing in Alaska, and watching glaciers collapse."

Despite their brevity, most of these songs feel like mini odysseys, effortlessly casting a cinematic hue on the the listener's world. Throughout Euclid Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith consistently delivers sonic puzzles draped in a warm Pacific mist. At times these songs feel so alive — like the musical analog to roots growing deeper and stronger, leaves on branches bending towards the light, or the sun peeking over the horizon, briefly igniting the air with a primordial swirl of warm and cool colors.

"...adventurous, me smerizing s onic c ompositions which c ause me t o r emember m y lo ve o f music in the early days of electronic sound making machines." REGGIE WATTS

“...sheer poe try: charming, pla yful, evocative, and showing mastery o f her medium.” SUZANNE CIANI

1. Careen
2. Wide Awake
3. Stunts
4. Sundry
5. Glide
6. Escapade
7. Labyrinth I
8. Labyrinth II
9. Labyrinth III
10. Labyrinth IV
11. Labyrinth V
12. Labyrinth VI
13. Labyrinth VII
14. Labyrinth VIII
15. Labyrinth IX
16. Labyrinth X
17. Labyrinth XI
18. Labyrinth XII
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