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Natalie Beridze SIZE & TEARS CD


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Track List
  1. Monster Council And She Goes Under Ocean (Featuring Salome Machaidze, E.A. And Shizlab) (DISC 01)
  2. March In Ocean And Falling Asleep
  3. Entrance Itaka* Bridge
  4. Myth In Fingers
  5. Teacher
  6. Exercise (Wanna Leave)
  7. Prepare The Orchestra
  8. Itaka Farewell March
  9. Pre-Step
  10. Bridge Post Itaka, Waiting For Yulaya
  11. Song Of Yuleya (U Lier)
  12. White Race Blankets
  13. March In Snow
  14. Meta Winter Thru Her Eye
  15. Flag Conv. In Her Eye
  16. Words Of Twinsy In Her Eye
  17. Her Jewels
  18. Same Walk Ink
  19. Golden Nails
  20. First Time Fusion
  21. Over The Wrist-Foretelling In The Bar
  22. Bridge - Towards Herby
  23. Size And Tears (DISC 02)
  24. Aick
  25. Easy Ryder
  26. Koktebel
  27. Aick Plays Miami For Kids
  28. Possessing-Losing Snow March
  29. Topeka Exists
  30. Bed - Aka Propast (Featuring Liu*)
  31. Scull Disco Vs Bermuda
  32. Thinking March
  33. Goldene Mom (Featuring Thea Djordjadze & Alex Bircken)
  34. Silent Flow (Ag. Cooper) - dedicated to Agent Cooper
  35. She Would Run
  36. BRIDGE - Death Of Aick
  37. Calling Herby Sugga Delta
  38. Beam Plaster
  39. Jardin-Black Box Of Herby
  40. Slide In Stranger's Night
  41. Burns Elsewhere
  42. Trees Too (Featuring Nika Nikakoi Machaidze)
  43. Preasure In Locked Rooms
  44. BRIDGE Next Door
  45. Twinsy About What's Left Behind
  46. Twinsy Lulliby
  47. Mice March Over The Bridge
  48. BRIDGE To Size And Tears
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