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'7th Dimension' Vinyl Record

Raffertie '7th Dimension' Vinyl Record

'7th Dimension' Vinyl Record

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Ships from United Kingdom
Vinyl 12"

Product Description

Planet Mu starts the year off with this energetic blast from one of dance music’s most original producers, Raffertie. Hailing from the south coast and now based in Birmingham, Raffertie is a 21 year old DJ/producer who makes a distinctive high energy music that weaves the DNA of different microgenres of UK dance music into an exuberant chimera.

Alongside his DJing exploits, Raffertie’s productions have received much acclaim. Receiving accolades from the likes of Simon Reynolds and being asked to do a session for Mary Anne Hobbs, Raffertie’s sugar rush sound takes a turn in a different direction to his usual style with this release for Planet Mu.
7th Dimension takes a half speed dubstep intro, some cosmic strings borrowed from a 92’ rave record and a panting diva sample and sends them through a black hole and out the other end, adding psychedelic effects and a stomping 4/4 beat before taking the whole thing back down again into a dark and frantic bleep and bass workout.

String theory does almost the opposite, the ravey strings are there, but these dematerialise, leaving a vast, strange bass line that sounds like metal bending in a storm, with only skittering, splashing drums filling the void, before the track gently builds again adding vocoder and diva vocals. The track sounds huge and deep but energetic and strange, like nothing else out there.

Side A:
1. 7th Dimension
Side B:
1. String Theory
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