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Face To Face

Reissue) LP Black (Vinyl)

Face To Face (Reissue) LP Black (Vinyl)
Face To Face

Reissue) LP Black (Vinyl)

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Product Description

Face To Face (Reissue) LP Black

Remastered with bonus tracks from the original recording sessions.

Face To Face LP

  1. Resignation
  2. Walk the Walk
  3. Blind
  4. Ordinary
  5. I Won't Lie Down
  6. Can't Change the World
  7. Handout
  8. Everything's Your Fault
  9. Take it Back 
  10. Complicated 
  11. Put You in Your Place
  12. Falling 
  13. Paint it Black * 
  14. Please Let Me Get What I Want * 

    *bonus tracks


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