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Good Riddance

Peace In Our Time LP (Vinyl)

Good Riddance Peace In Our Time LP (Vinyl)

Peace In Our Time LP (Vinyl)

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Product Description

Good Riddance - Peace In Our Time LP

Release Date: APRIL 21, 2015

Peace In Our Time hits all the high notes of Good Riddance’s résumé. The same classic lineup responsible for A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion, Ballads from the Revolution, and Operation Phoenix are back at the helm for Peace In Our Time.

Track List 
1: Disputatio
2: Contrition
3: Take It to Heart
4: Half Measures
5: Grace and Virtue
6: No Greater Fight
7: Dry Season
8: Teachable Moments
9: Washed Away
10: Our Better Nature
11: Shiloh
12: Running on Fumes
13: Year Zero
14: Glory Glory


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