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Heart to Heart is more than a band, but a group of friends that have remained close and overcome some of life's greatest obstacles; the good and the bad. Taking their experiences, Heart to Heart have created a truly unique album that touches on topics such as drug addiction, abuse, life, death, cancer, homosexuality, friendship, and love. Opening up their hearts to your hearts, this record makes leaps and bounds to connect with the listener on a personal level. Delivering songs such as their single 'Thanks For Nothing' that touches on the topic of a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship that just won't work out due to the mistakes that were made in the past; and the song 'Stuck', featuring Tony Geravesh from Stickup Kid, that talks about the physical abuse women face in tormented relationships with their boyfriends/husbands. Comprised of Nick Zoppo on vocals, John Hayes on guitar/vocals, Stuart Stock on drums, Taylor Stillwell on guitar/vocals, and Justin Bratcher on bass - Heart to Heart defy the current sound of pop-punk and infuse all of their influences in to one amazing record.

Track List
  1. In Case You Haven't Noticed
  2. Your Name Here
  3. Life Preserver
  4. Forty Forty Twenty
  5. See:Sick
  6. The Turn
  7. Thanks For Nothing
  8. Thanks For Everything
  9. Stuck
  10. Sleepless
  11. GV
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