T-Shirt | Master Of Puppets T-Shirt

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T-Shirt | Master Of Puppets T-Shirt

Was $30.00
Now just $19.95
For a limited time only
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Product Details

  • Official Metallica Merch
  • 100% cotton
  • Black Metallica shirt
  • Preshrunk, Fits True to Size
Small 28'' 18'' 7 1/4''
Medium 29'' 20'' 7 1/4''
Large 30'' 22'' 8 1/4''
X-Large 31'' 24'' 8 1/4''
2X-Large 32'' 26'' 9 1/4''
3X-Large 33'' 28'' 9 1/4''

Master Of Puppets is a classic album top to bottom, packed with memorable moments on every track. From the iconic “Master Of Puppets” guitar solo, to the harmonious acoustic strings opening the album on ”Battery,” to the sprawling instrumental that is “Orion,” Metallica created a metal masterpiece. Master of Puppets is also the final album founding bassist Cliff Burton played on before his tragic passing, crafting one of the greatest albums of all-time to cement his status as a legend.

The album artwork itself is based off of a rough sketch from Metallica frontman James Hetfield, which was later fully designed by artist Don Brautigam. Hetfield wanted to express that people are just puppets on a string being manipulated, either by outside forces or their own vices. The lone army helmet that hangs on the left-most cross is a nod to the band’s anti-war song “Disposable Heroes.” Master of Puppets has stood the test of time since being released 1986 — over 30 years ago — and remains one of the most influential albums in music history.

Design Details
  • Official Metallica logo across chest
  • Master Of Puppets album cover art
  • Text: “Master Of Puppets” stylized across bottom
  • Full Master Of Puppets album tracklist
  • Tracklist Text: “Battery” “Master Of Puppets” “The Thing That Should Not Be” “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” “Disposable Heroes” “Leper Messiah” “Orion” & “Damage Inc.”

*Please note, sizes may vary from measurements up to 1/2’’


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