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Stray From The Path

'Only Death Is Real' CD

Stray From The Path - 'Only Death Is Real' CD

'Only Death Is Real' CD

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Product Description

Stray From The Path are back with their latest release, 'Only Death Is Real'! Be sure to grab your jewel case copy of this CD NOW!

Stray From The Path - 'Only Death is Real' Tracklist

  1. The Opening Move
  2. Loudest in the Room
  3. Goodnight Alt-right
  4. Let’s Make A Deal
  5. They Always Take The Guru
  6. Plead The Fifth 
  7. Strange Fiction (feat. Keith Buckley)
  8. All Day & A Night (feat. Bryan Garris)
  9. The House Always Wins (feat. Vinnie Paz)
  10. Only Death Is Real 
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