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Indhentet Af Doden' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

Undergang 'Indhentet Af Doden' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

Indhentet Af Doden' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

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Undergang’s debut full-length Indhentet Af Døden from 2010.

Described as “Obituary twisted by Demilich”, Indhentet Af Døden bludgeons you with brutal riffs performed with with an almost hardcore-like single-mindedness (that would be the Obituary part).

But don’t confuse this with simple-mindedness; Undergang keep you on your toes by adding the odd weird riff and time-signature change (and that would be the Demilich twist).

Recorded in January 2009 in a rehearsal room at Rock Island, Islands Brygge with Morten. All music decomposed and executed by Undergang.

Layout by Undergang, Dave Rotten and D. Nasseriis.

Side A:
1. Englemagersken
2. Dødshymne
3. Opslugt Af Mørket
4. Evigt Lidende

Side B:
1. Tvangstanker
2. Forkullede Rester
3. De Dødes Passage
4. Indhentet Af Døden

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