Helen Humes

1948-1950 CD

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Helen Humes 1948-1950 CD
Helen Humes 1948-1950 CD

1948-1950 CD

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Track List
  1. Time Out for Tears
  2. Married Man Blues
  3. Somebody Loves Me
  4. Don't Fall in Love With Me
  5. I've Got the Strangest Feeling
  6. Free
  7. Sad Feeling
  8. Rock Me to Sleep - Helen Humes
  9. This Love of Mine - Helen Humes
  10. He May Be Yours - Helen Humes, Marshall Royal
  11. I'm Gonna Let Him Ride
  12. Million Dollar Secret
  13. Hard Driving Mama
  14. Be-Baba-Leba
  15. If I Could Be With You
  16. I Ain't in the Mood
  17. Livin' My Life My Way
  18. Hey, Hey, Baby
  19. Laziest Gal in Town
  20. New Million Dollar Secret
  21. Ain't Gonna Quit You
  22. Helen's Advice
  23. Knockin' Myself Out
  24. Airplane Blues
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