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Marcos Valle

Contrasts [2003]

Marcos Valle - Contrasts [2003]

Contrasts [2003]

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1. Besteiras de Amor
2. Disfarça E Vem
3. Nêga do Balaio
4. Água de Côco
5. Passatempo
6. Contrasts
7. Tema do Tiago
8. Valeu
9. Parabéns (Dança do Daniel)
10. My Nightingale
11. Que Que Tem
12. Valeu (4 Hero Remix)
13. Parabens (Misa Negra Remix)
14. Nega Do Balaio (Buscemi's Jungle Jazz Remix)

The follow-up to 2001’s worldwide smash ‘Escape’ and 2002’s ‘Chill Brazil’ (a compilation Marcos released through WEA), ‘Contrasts’ may be Marcos’ 21st album to date yet he sounds as fresh and relaxed as ever. Produced by Marcos Valle, Far Out’s Roc Hunter and Joe Davis, the album is bursting with uplifting Bossas such as opener ‘Besteiras de Amor’ and ‘Parabéns’, as well as poignant love songs like ‘Nêga do Balaio’ and ‘Passatempo’

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