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Eugene Mirman


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Eugene Mirman I'M SORRY (YOU'RE WELCOME) Vinyl Record
Eugene Mirman I'M SORRY (YOU'RE WELCOME) Vinyl Record


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Product Description

Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. Introduction, a Gift from Derrick
[Disc 2]
  1. A Guided Meditation for the Thoughtful Body
  2. Fuckscape
[Disc 3]
  1. Ask a Pastor
[Disc 4]
  1. Digital Drugs
[Disc 5]
  1. A Linkedin Profile
[Disc 6]
  1. Introduction to Spoken Russian
[Disc 7]
  1. Girlfriend, Khaleesi, Any Questions, Making a 'Zine
[Disc 8]
  1. 195 Orgasms
[Disc 9]
  1. Not Happy with a Parking Ticket I Got in Portsmouth, NH
  2. Paintings I Made to Showcase at My Local Whole Foods
  3. I Marry a Couple from the Audience on Stage
  4. Please Take Off Your Shoes
  5. Don Draper Has the Flu
  6. Moons Over Your Hammy
  7. It's Not a Slumber Party Without Thor
  8. Now My Back Hurts
  9. Waffle House Parking Lot Mix-Up
  10. Thank You So, So Much Mandy Patinkin
  11. Oops
  12. Sneaking Around the Zoo
  13. Goodnight, Buddy
  14. Baba Yaga Already Said She Was Sorry
  15. Faxed to the Wrong Number
  16. Linda Ronstadt Chillaxing
  17. 1960's Street Fight
  18. Seriously Bro, You Just Made Me Goosh... Thanks
  19. You Can Call Me Al (Not Song)
  20. Don't Worry, This Man-Nanny Can Keep a Secret
  21. The Best Misunderstanding
  22. Whoa... Lookout, Sir Beast-Weasel
  23. Kindhearted Fireman
  24. Let's Put Our Intellectual Property Debate on Hold
  25. Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. And Mrs. President
  26. Ice Cream Hearts Melting in the Love-Sun
  27. Offal for Lunch, Woo-Hoo for Dinner
  28. Goofballs Having Silly Fun
  29. The Jackal Never Misses!
  30. Land-Grabber's Cousin Has Nice Upstairs
  31. Mrs. Thunder/Mr. 80% Chance of Rain
  32. Don't Mind If I Do
  33. Round One Goes to Princess-Rump
  34. Happy and Stuffed
  35. Just Another Guns N' Roses Brunch
  36. Pleasant Surprise at Sleepaway Camp
  37. Handsome Old Man Has a Tummy Ache
  38. Have We Met?
  39. No, Please... After You
  40. Gimme Back My Bonnie Raitt CD... Actually, Keep It
  41. Tollbooth Attendant Is Open-Minded
  42. 88% on Rotten Tomatoes
  43. Mischievous Whoopsy-Daisy
  44. Two Rascals Showing Off
  45. 48 and Flexible
  46. That Was Worth It
  47. Bandits Helping Around the House
  48. Army Buddies Going Big-Ball Bowling
  49. I'm the Autodidact of Amour
  50. Oh, My Wife Knows
  51. That Was the Best FTP I Ever Uploaded
  52. The Healing Heart/Mother-In-Law
  53. Just Two Doves at a Sweat Party
  54. We Get Five Weeks' Vacation in Holland
  55. Young Man Is An Excellent Executive Administrative Assistant
  56. Two Adults in a Small Space
  57. Dude, We're on the 5 O'Clock News
  58. Www. Thepleasuresallmine. Gov
  59. I Don't Have the Hiccups Anymore
  60. Thank You for Allowing Me Access to Your Oven
  61. These Goat-Like People Know Their Bodies!
  62. Bill Clinton Is Still Quite Playful
  63. I Could Sure Use a Glass of Water Now
  64. The Kindness of Strangers
  65. We're Registered at Bed, Bath & Behind
  66. It Department Doesn't Have a Care in the World
  67. Brassy, Bald and Ejaculating
  68. I Voted for McCain in 2000
  69. New Car Smell, Old Car Feel
  70. Paul Can Really Push Good
  71. Stay in My Guest Room As Long As You Want
  72. David and Joshua Mutual Pleasure Exchange
  73. Doin' the Flip-A-Doo
  74. Anti-Vaxxer "Saxophone" Relaxer
  75. Germaphobe Does Not Mind
  76. Very Sleepy Man Delivers on Promise
  77. Fourscore and Seven Years of Happy-Happy
  78. Fart Walrus
  79. French Woman Enjoying a Danish
  80. No Shirt, No Shoes - Service
  81. With or Without You (Preferably with)
  82. Shouts and Murmurs
  83. Pilates Are Invigorating
  84. I'll Take a Look at the Dessert Menu
  85. The Last Rock Star
  86. It's Noon Somewhere
  87. My Bar Mitzvah Was Ten Years Ago
  88. Community Bookstore Meet-Up Gone Good
  89. Love Clean Up, Aisle One
  90. Found Your Thing Using Mapquest
  91. Divorced Milf at a Used Record Store
  92. This Cheesecake Is Divine
  93. Jam Session
  94. Can't Find My Socks (Don't Want to)
  95. Even Better Than An Associate Degree
  96. I Went to School in the Boston Area
  97. Happiness Is a Warm Dong
  98. Square Hole, Triangle Peg, Plus Another Square Hole
  99. Call Me Dr. Stardust
  100. Now That's How a Puppy Should Sneeze
  101. Fun Times Inside a Grain Elevator
  102. Operation Cooch-Toot
  103. Preggo!
  104. My Parents Won't Be Home for a Year and Five Days
  105. Sure, in There Is Fine
  106. The Official Webcam of Yugoslavia
  107. Last Entry Is at Three, But You Can Stay Til Six(!)
  108. We Were Just Talking About You
  109. Bridesmaid Cutting Loose at the Governor Bradford
  110. Sophisticated?
  111. We Deserve a Michelin Star
  112. Mr. Mamet Showing Off His Special Forces
  113. Soup Dumplings, Squish-Squish
  114. How Very Hemmingway of You
  115. Drinking Straight Out of Lust's Milk Carton
  116. Amateur Anthropologist Makes Important Observation
  117. Senior Year Hebrew School Mischief
  118. I Wonder If This Was Allowed in Prussia?
  119. Pretty Fun Night in Merrill C3 Short
  120. Should We Take the Bridge or the Tunnel?
  121. Dirty Boulevard
  122. Is the Love-Falcon Available for Birthdays?
  123. Portland, Me Is Cool... But Really Weird
  124. The Wish-Maker Will See You Now
  125. Head of Development Instructing Rugged Hiker
  126. The Shenanigans You Requested
  127. What Gusto!
  128. Please Don't Make This About Harold Pinter (Again)
  129. Wet Hot Americano
  130. A Gentleman Never Reveals His Source
  131. Glad the Town Approved Your Slurping Permit
  132. A Mime Betrayed, a Mime Forgiven
  133. Too Soon?
  134. Please Be Quiet or You'll Wake Up My Titties
  135. Never You Mind That
  136. She Got a Real Candy Apple Poot-Hooter
  137. Dolph Lundgren at That Top of His Game
  138. Mustachioed Man Has Patience, Diligence
  139. Two Gigolos, One Office Manager
  140. Secretary of State Is Not Off-Putting
  141. It Took Another Man's Wife to Make This Boy a Man
  142. Nothing Goes to Waste
  143. My Mouse Is Thankful for Your Mouse
  144. Make Yourself at Home
  145. Meet Me By the Condom Machine
  146. I Feel Like I've Known You for Hours
  147. Oh, I Thought You Wanted Something Else, Glad It Worked Out
  148. Fire Your Dentist!
  149. Postwar Japan Is Well-Understood By These Two
  150. Gene Simmons Crying in a Pile of Shit
  151. I'm the Only Lady Who Could Pull Excalibur Outta There
  152. Rooting for Truffles, Miami Style
  153. Businessman Has Ding-Dong Like Rocket Ship
  154. Sally's in Charge
  155. Too Much Pudding, Not Enough Spoons
  156. The Turkish Parliament Has Approved This "Carrot-Man"
  157. It's Raining Dan
  158. It's Like Apples and Oranges (Fucking)
  159. College Is Exactly What I Was Hoping It'd Be
  160. Mentally Ill Farmer Is Finally Getting Help
  161. A Swedish Couple Enjoying Hearty Vegetables
  162. Vulnerable Oligarch Vulnerably Sexting
  163. Best Friends/Next Level
  164. Tooth Fairy Is Quite Real
  165. Civil Disobedience Met with Heartfelt Understanding
  166. A Textbook Case of Level-12 Pleasure
  167. So Glad That Was You Behind Me
  168. An Astoundingly Honest and Fun Salesman
  169. Celebrating My Promotion with My Wife and Some Dude
  170. Martha Washington? MMMM HMMMM
  171. Crammin' for the Jam Exam
  172. I'm Glad We Waited Til Dusk
  173. You Are As Powerful and Detail-Oriented As a River, Sir
  174. Just a Couple of Lucky Special Ed Teachers
  175. You're Like John Adams Times 1.5!
  176. Babysitter Surprisingly Into Divorced Software Engineer
  177. I Guess We'll Need a New Kitchen
  178. Guilty Catholics Have to Marry Each Other
  179. They Call Me the "You're Welcome Man"
  180. Let's Get Your Mind Off of the Dust Bowl
  181. So Relieved We Found This Abandoned Schoolhouse
  182. File Under "The Rolling Stones"
  183. No Need to Explain Your Clean Aqueduct
  184. My Poon-Noodles Are Your Doon-Poodles
  185. Two-State Solution with Benefits
  186. My Skill Set Qualifies Me for This Position
  187. Can't Tell If This Is Sex or Hockey
  188. Have the Report on My Dick in the Morning
  189. So This Is Medicaid?
  190. Mature Cougar Is Addicted to Beej Pie
  191. Abe Lincoln (Not That One) Is Ready for Fatherhood
  192. Sure, You Can Use the Cat Door
  193. No Senator, I Already Have Two
  194. Pta Meeting Is Full of Joy and Wonder
  195. Oh Peter, Thank You for the Yard Work
  196. A Real Whodunnit!
  197. Horace's Compromise
  198. Plutocrats Got Feelings Too
  199. Hotel Bed That Is Tired
  200. Warm Handmade Boiled Bagels
  201. Silly Billy Goat Got a Heroin Addiction

Each record is protected within its record sleeve by a white vellum anti-dust sleeve.

All items are shipped brand-new and unopened in original packaging. Every record is shipped in original factory-applied shrink wrap and has never been touched by human hands.

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