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Chilly Gonzales

Solo Piano II CD

Chilly Gonzales Solo Piano II CD

Solo Piano II CD

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Product Description

Format: CD

In December 2011, alone for 10 days in Paris’ Studio Pigalle, Chilly Gonzales recorded a handful of songs that had made the short list from a hundred or so melodies written over the eight years that had passed since the release of the now iconic Solo Piano. Hour upon hour, the purest and most microscopic process of recording took place. Chilly Gonzales played all the songs over and over and over again, until each one’s essence had been captured and brings us perhaps his most powerful argument of all, to become the 14 pieces of Solo Piano II.

This offer includes: CD Digipack+Inserted Poster.

Includes instant digital download of album. 

01)  White Keys
02)  Kenaston
03)  Minor Fantasy
04)  Escher
05)  Rideaux Lunaires
06)  Neros Nocturne
07)  Venetian Blinds
08)  Evolving Doors
09)  Epigram In E
10)  Othello
11)  Train Of Thought
12)  Wintermezzo
13)  La Bulle
14)  Papa Gavote

All digital downloads are available as high quality MP3 (320kbps) and WAV files. 

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