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Elton John

Jewel Box (Deep Cuts 4LP) (Vinyl)

Elton John Jewel Box (Deep Cuts 4LP) (Vinyl)
Elton John Jewel Box (Deep Cuts 4LP) (Vinyl)

Jewel Box (Deep Cuts 4LP) (Vinyl)

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Curated by Elton himself and taken from the ‘Jewel Box’ 8-CD boxset, this 4LP gatefold black vinyl album takes a trip through a glittering career encompassing his favorite hidden gems and overlooked classics from a staggering body of work.

14.7 x 13 x 1.73"

LP1 - Side A
1. Monkey Suit Elton John and Leon Russell
2. Where To Now St. Peter ?
3. Mellow
4. The Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-34)

1LP - Side B
1. Chameleon
2. Gone to Shiloh (Elton John and Leon Russell)
3. We All Fall In Love Sometimes
4. Too Low For Zero

LP2 - Side A
1. The Power with Little Richard
2. All That I’m Allowed
3. The Bridge
4. The New Fever Waltz

LP2 - Side B
1. Stones Throw From Hurtin’
2. The North
3. Hoop Of Fire
4. Boogie Pilgrim

LP3 - Side A
1. Ticking
2. Crystal
3. All Quiet On The Western Front

LP3 - Side B
1. Tell Me When The Whistle Blows
2. Freaks In Love
3. Never Too Old Elton John and Leon Russell
4. The Emperor’s New Clothes

LP4 - Side A
1. House
2. (Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket
3. Understanding Women
4. Shoot Down The Moon

LP4 - Side B
1. Have Mercy On The Criminal
2. Blues For Baby And Me
3. My Quicksand
4. Street Kids

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