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John Foxx


John Foxx D.N.A. CD
John Foxx D.N.A. CD
John Foxx


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Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. Maybe Tomorrow
  2. Kaiyahura
  3. City of Mirage
  4. Flightpath Tegel
  5. Violet Bloom
  6. Phantom Lover
  7. A Secret Life 7
  8. A Secret Life 2
  9. Over the Mirage
[Disc 2]
  1. Maybe Tomorrow by Karborn
  2. Violet Bloom By Steve D'agostino
  3. Flightpath Tegel by Ian Emes
  4. A Secret Life 2 by Ian Emes
  5. City of Mirage by Macoto Tezka
  6. Kaiyagura by Macoto Tezka
  7. Over the Mirage by Macoto Tezka
  8. A Half-Remembered Sentence From The Quiet Man by Jonathan Barnbrook
  9. Clicktrack by Jonathan Barnbrook
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