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    Dr Dre

    LP - Compton (Vinyl)

    Dr Dre LP - Compton (Vinyl)
    Dr Dre
    Dr Dre

    LP - Compton (Vinyl)

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    Product Description

    Dr. Dre ‎– Compton (A Soundtrack By Dr. Dre)

    Aftermath Entertainment ‎– 0602547545190, Interscope Records ‎– 0602547545190
    2 × Vinyl, LP, Album

    TracklistHide Credits

    A1 Dr. Dre Intro
    Arranged By [String Arrangement By] – Jennifer Hammond, Joseph TrapaneseBass – Eric "Blu2th" Griggs*Drums – Trevor Lawrence Jr.Engineer – Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Carl M. Cartagena, Victor LuevanosGuitar – Eric "Blu2th" Griggs*Mixed By – Dr. DrePercussion – Trevor Lawrence Jr.Producer – Dontae Winslow, Dr. Dre, Focus...*Strings – Joel IwatakiVocals [Additional] – Candice Pillay, Dem JointzWritten-By – A. Young*, B. Edwards Jr.*, D. Winslow*
    A2 Dr. Dre Talk About It
    Arranged By [String Arrangement By] – Jennifer Hammond, Joseph TrapaneseEngineer – Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Carl M. Cartagena, Victor LuevanosFeaturing – Justus (18), King MezMixed By – Dr. Dre, Focus...*Producer – DJ Dahi, Free School (2)Strings – Joel IwatakiVocals [Additional] – Marsha Ambrosius, Sly PyperWritten-By – A. Young*, D. Natche*, Jean-Baptiste Kouame, J. Mohrle*, K. Edwards*, Michael McHenry*, M. Ricks II*, R. Buendia*
    A3 Dr. Dre Genocide
    Engineer – Carl M. Cartagena, Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*, Ric McRaeEngineer [Assistant] – Victor LuevanosFeaturing – Candice Pillay, Kendrick Lamar, Marsha AmbrosiusMixed By – Dem Jointz, Dr. Dre, Focus...*Performer [Burn Rubber On Me (Why Ya Wanna Hurt Me)] – The Gap BandProducer – Dem JointzVocals [Additional] – Candice Pillay, Dem Jointz, King Mez, Sly PyperWritten-By – A. Young*, C. Pillay*, D. Abernathy Jr.*, K. Duckworth*, M. Ambrosius*, M. Ricks II*, S. Jordan*Written-By [Uncredited] – Charlie Wilson, Lonnie Simmons, Rudy Taylor
    A4 Dr. Dre It’s All On Me
    Bass Guitar – Curtis ChambersDrums – Trevor Lawrence Jr.Engineer – Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Carl M. Cartagena, Victor LuevanosFeaturing – BJ The Chicago Kid, Justus (18)Keyboards [Additional Keyboards] – Focus...*Mixed By – Dr. DrePerformer [The Lord Will Make A Way] – The S.C.I. Youth Choir*Producer – Bink!, Dr. DreVocals [Additional] – King Mez, Sly PyperWritten-By – A. Young*, J. Mohrle*, M. Ricks II*, R. Harrell III*
    B5 Dr. Dre All In A Day’s Work
    Bass Guitar – Focus...*Drums [Additional Drums] – Trevor Lawrence Jr.Engineer – Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Carl M. Cartagena, Victor LuevanosFeaturing – Anderson .Paak, Marsha AmbrosiusFlugelhorn – Dontae WinslowMixed By – Dr. Dre, Focus...*Producer – DJ Dahi, DJ KhalilTrumpet – Dontae WinslowVocals [Additional] – Daniel Tannenbaum, Jimmy Iovine, King Mez, Sly PyperWritten-By – B. Anderson*, A. Young*, D. Natche*, D. Tannenbaum*, J. Mohrle*, K. Abdul-Rahman*, M. Ambrosius*, M. Ricks II*
    B6 Dr. Dre Darkside Gone
    Bass Guitar – Curtis ChambersDrums [Additional Drums] – Trevor Lawrence Jr.Engineer – Carl M. Cartagena, Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Victor LuevanosFeaturing – Kendrick Lamar, King Mez, Marsha AmbrosiusMixed By – Dr. DrePerformer [Spirits Of Ancient Egypt] – Paul McCartney, Wings (2)Producer – Best Kept Secret (3), D.R.U.G.S Beats, Dr. DreVocals [Additional] – Sly PyperVocals [Excerpts] – Eazy E*Written-By – A. Young*, C. Balmoris*, D. Norman*, J. Nixon*, J. Mohrle*, K. Duckworth*, M. Ambrosius*, M. Ricks II*, T. Cannon*Written-By [Spirits Of Ancient Egypt] – Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney
    B7 Dr. Dre Loose Cannons
    Arranged By [Underground Session], Performer [Underground Session] – Janko NilovicBass Guitar – Curtis ChambersEngineer – Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Carl M. Cartagena, Victor LuevanosFeaturing – Cold 187um, Sly Pyper*, XzibitFlute – Scott MayoKeyboards [Additional Keyboards] – Andre "Briss" Brissett*, Fredwreck Nassar, Theron Feemster*Mixed By – Dr. Dre, Focus...*Producer – Dr. Dre, Focus...*, Trevor Lawrence Jr.Vocals [Additional] – Joslynn Brown, King Mez, Marsha AmbrosiusWritten-By – A. Joiner*, A. Brissett*, A. Young*, B. Edwards Jr.*, M. Ricks II*, S. Jordan*, T. Lawrence Jr.*Written-By [Underground Session] – Jean-Pierre Alarcen
    B8 Dr. Dre Issues
    Bass Guitar – Curtis ChambersEngineer – Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*, Victor LuevanosEngineer [Assistant] – Carl M. Cartagena, Julio UlloaFeaturing – Anderson .Paak, Dem Jointz, Ice CubeMixed By – Dr. DrePerformer [İnce İnce Bir Kar Yağar] – Selda Bağcan*Producer – Curtis Chambers, Dr. Dre, Focus...*, Theron Feemster*, Trevor Lawrence Jr.Vocals [Additional] – Candice Pillay, Dem Jointz, Joslynn Brown, King Mez, Snoop Dogg, XzibitWritten-By – B. Anderson*, A. Young*, B. Edwards Jr.*, C. Chambers*, D. Abernathy Jr.*, M. Ricks II*, T. Feemster*, T. Lawrence Jr.*Written-By [İnce İnce Bir Kar Yağar] – Mahsuni Serif*
    C9 Dr. Dre Deep Water
    Engineer – Derek"MIXEDBYALI"Ali*, Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Carl M. Cartagena, Victor LuevanosFeaturing – Anderson .Paak, Justus (18), Kendrick LamarMixed By – Dr. DreProducer – Cardiak (2), DJ Dahi, Dem Jointz, Dr. Dre, Focus...*Trumpet – Dontae WinslowVocals [Additional] – Anderson .Paak, Cheyenne L. Surratt, Joslynn Brown, King Mez, The Game (2), Wyann VaughnWritten-By – B. Anderson*, A. Young*, B. Edwards Jr.*, C. McCormick*, D. Natche*, D. Abernathy Jr.*, J. Mohrle*, K. Duckworth*, M. Ricks II*
    C10 Jon Connor (2) One Shot One Kill
    Bass Guitar – Curtis Chambers, Eric "Blu2th" Griggs*Engineer – Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Carl M. Cartagena, Jacob Gabriel, RJ Colston, Victor LuevanosFeaturing – Snoop DoggKeyboards [Additional Keyboards] – Andre "Briss" Brissett*, Theron Feemster*Mixed By – Dr. DrePerformer [Ogni Riferimento A Fatti Accaduti E' Puramente Casuale] – Calibro 35Producer – Dr. Dre, Focus...*, Trevor Lawrence Jr.Vocals [Additional] – Anderson .Paak, Candice Pillay, Craig Owens*, Dem JointzWritten-By – A. Young*, B. Edwards Jr.*, C. Pillay*, J. Freeman Jr.*, T. Lawrence Jr.*Written-By [Ogni Riferimento A Fatti Accaduti E' Puramente Casuale] – E. Gabrielli*, F. Rondanini*, L. Cavina*, M. Martellotta*, T. Colliva*
    C11 The Game (2) Just Another Day
    Bass Guitar – Curtis ChambersEngineer – Kyle Vandekerkhoff, Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Carl M. Cartagena, Victor LuevanosFeaturing – Asia BryantKeyboards [Additional Keyboards] – Andre "Briss" Brissett*Mixed By – Dr. Dre, Focus...*Producer – Theron Feemster*, Trevor Lawrence Jr.Vocals [Additional] – Wyann VaughnWritten-By – A. Young*, A. Bryant*, J. Taylor*, Ron "NEFF-U" Feemstar, S. Benton*, T. Lawrence Jr.*Written-By [Fang Jai Viangjan], Performer [Fang Jai Viangjan] – Thepporn Petchubon*
    C12 Dr. Dre For The Love Of Money
    Bass Guitar – Sean KantrowitzEngineer – Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Carl M. Cartagena, Victor LuevanosFeaturing – Anderson .Paak, Jill Scott, Jon Connor (2)Keyboards [Additional Keyboards] – Roget ChahayedMixed By – Dr. Dre, Focus...*Performer [Foa Tha Love Of $] – Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyProducer – Cardiak (2)Vocals [Additional] – Lia MackWritten-By – B. Anderson*, A. Young*, C. McCormick*, J. Freeman Jr.*, J. Mohrle*, M. Ricks II*Written-By [Foa Tha Love Of $] – Anthony Henderson, Antoine Carraby, Bryon McCane*, Charles Scruggs, Eric Wright, Mark Green (11), Stanley Howse, Steven Howse*, Yomo SmithWritten-By [Vendesi Saggezza E Cervello Di Seconda Mano] – A. Gaviglio*, M. Conta*
    D13 Dr. Dre Satisfiction
    Engineer – Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Carl M. Cartagena, Victor LuevanosFeaturing – King Mez, Marsha Ambrosius, Snoop DoggMixed By – Dem Jointz, Dr. Dre, Mauricio "Veto" IragorriProducer – Dem JointzWritten-By – A. Young*, D. Abernathy Jr.*, M. Ambrosius*, M. Ricks II*Written-By [Uncredited] – C. Broadus*
    D14 Dr. Dre Animals
    Bass Guitar – Eric "Blu2th" Griggs*Drums [Additional Drums] – Trevor Lawrence Jr.Engineer – Carl M. Cartagena, Dmitry Zaytsev, Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Carl M. Cartagena, Victor LuevanosFeaturing – Anderson .PaakKeyboards [Additional Keyboards] – Eric "Blu2th" Griggs*Mixed By – DJ Premier, Dr. DreProducer – DJ PremierProducer [Additional Production] – BMB SpacekidVocals [Additional] – DJ Premier, Eric "Blu2th" Griggs*Written-By – B. Anderson*, A. Young*, C. Martin*, D. Semenov*, M. Ricks II*, S. Jordan*
    D15 Dr. Dre Medicine Man
    Engineer – Carl M. Cartagena, Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Mike Strange, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Victor LuevanosFeaturing – Anderson .Paak, Candice Pillay, EminemGuitar [Additional Guitar] – Curtis ChambersKeyboards [Additional Keyboards] – Andre Brissett, Fredwreck NassarMixed By – Dem Jointz, Dr. Dre, Mauricio "Veto" IragorriProducer – Dem Jointz, Focus...*Vocals [Additional] – Sly JordanWritten-By – B. Anderson*, A. Young*, B. Edwards Jr.*, C. Pillay*, C. Chambers*, D. Abernathy Jr.*, J. Mohrle*, M. Mathers*, M. Ricks II*
    D16 Dr. Dre Talking To My Diary
    Arranged By [String Arrangement By] – Jennifer Hammond, Joseph TrapaneseBass Guitar – Eric "BLB" Coomes*Engineer – Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri, Quentin "Q" Gilkey*Engineer [Assistant] – Carl M. Cartagena, Charles "CharlieRed" Garcia*, Robert Reyes, Victor LuevanosKeyboards [Additional Keyboards] – Andre "Briss" Brissett*, Theron Feemster*Mixed By – Dr. DreProducer – Choc*, DJ Silk (2), Dr. DreSaxophone – Jason FreeseStrings – Joel IwatakiTrombone – Francisco Torres (3)Trumpet – Dontae Winslow, Ron BlakeVocals [Additional] – Anderson .Paak, Focus...*, Theron Feemster*, Slim The Mobster, Sly JordanWritten-By – A. Young*, A. Johnson II*, M. Johnson*, R. Brown*

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    Made In The EU.

    - Morris Ricks Publishing Designee
    - Justin Mohrle Publishing Designee
    - Jon Kevin Freeman Jr.
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