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Possibly the most influential producer in the history of Hip Hop James Dewitt Yancey's work as Jay Dee and J Dilla has touched nearly every producer and major album of the last 30 years. Our J Dilla vinyl collection is always evolving with the latest J Dilla rarities, remixes, imports and other unique vinyl from J Dilla the GOAT.
Maybe the greatest producer of all time, J Dilla's Detroit upbringing was just a launchpad for his worldwide (and maybe beyond) legacy. The preeminent innovator on the MPC and Dilla contributed at the console, in the booth and on the drum kit for many of the most widely influential tracks in all of hip-hop. Whether as part of Slum Village, alone as Jay Dee or J Dilla or collaborating with other Hip Hop luminaries like A Tribe Called Quest or De La Soul his music moved from supernatural to a religion after his passing in 2006. We carry a constantly evolving collection of Dilla records so check back often for unreleased vinyl, international versions, box sets or collectors editions of some of his finest albums including Donuts and Ruff Draft along with collaborations like Champion Sound and Like Water for Chocolate.

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